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Look at Leyla Hanson on paper, and she looks good:

Meet her in person, and she looks even better.

Lively and engaging, Leyla is at heart a people person. She tells new clients, "I don't just want to know your numbers, I want to know your business." That means talking with the business's owners and staff to understand their decision-making process.

"I want to make sure what I'm doing is going to be in the best possible interest of the company, while also being completely supportable in tax law," she says. When the law is unclear, Leyla researches relentlessly. "I'm not going to do something I can't explain — and I won't let my clients do something I can't approve."

Leyla's clients report that "I was looking for a CPA, and I found a caring, committed partner."

Rather than managing nasty end-of-the-year surprises, her clients are able to look forward to the new year with clarity and confidence.

"Leyla has helped me understand my business in a whole new way," says one client. "Now that I can appreciate how my company is growing, it really is a lot more fun."

Principled. Passionate. Accountable. And fun. That's why Leyla Hanson's business card says she is Right on the Money.

Income Taxes for Individuals, Start-ups & Small Businesses
leyla@leylahansoncpa.com  ::  408.732.9205
located in Sunnyvale, California

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 You took all the pressure away from me and treated my problems as your own. Your attention to detail and follow-up work was always performed at the highest level, and made me feel comfortable and confident with your abilities. Your willingness to make yourself available made it very convenient for me.

— Bill Evans, CLU, ChFC

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